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The Landscape Architecture Podcast

Aug 28, 2023

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SEL .nft 

Marcel Blanco known by the street name SEL, is a Los Angeles based, multifaceted artist best recognized by his paintings and murals that evoke emotion and thought through his use of color, narrative imagery and movement. 

His foundation began in the early ’80s when he started designing flyers and t-shirts for local punk/hardcore bands around Los Angeles. In his quest for new inspiration he discovered graffiti art and became part of the early L.A. graffiti scene which lead him to join the WCA (West Coast Artists) crew, one of seminal graffiti crews in Los Angeles. He then re-focused and aimed his creativity on computer graphics and art direction in the music and entertainment industries working on packaging and marketing material for indie and major record labels. 

Today his work expresses an introspective reflection that seems to touch people. His pieces are filled with emotion and a sense of individual wonder that easily grabs the eye of the audience creating a connection that goes beyond the aesthetics. Wether mural, painting, digital print, or installation the expression in his work is undeniable.