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The Landscape Architecture Podcast

Nov 7, 2021

Catherine Mosbach is the founder of Paris-based design firm mosbach paysagiste, which she established in 1987, as well as the magazine Pages Paysages, which she co-founded with Marc Claramunt, Pascale Jacotot and Vincent Tricaud. Catherine is renowned for socially and environmentally responsible work that attests to temporality and continuing change, referring those who interact with these landscapes to relationships with history, culture and the elements.

Mosbach’s many projects include the Solutre archaeological park in Saone-et-Loire, Walk Sluice of Saint-Denis, the Botanical Garden of Bordeaux, the other side in Quebec City, Shan Shui at the International Horticultural Exposition in Xian, the Place de la Republic in Paris, Walking Mediterranean Fort Saint Jean in Marseille. Mosbach’s work reveals latencies and hidden layers in the landscape, making the amorphous, ambiguous or slow-moving apparent in real time. The firm’s projects are often close to a decade in the making, with precise relationships to site conditions, rhythms of activity and occupation and seasonal variation.

Mosbach is the recipient of the equerre d’argent award with Kazuyo Sejima and Ryue Nishizawa for the Louvre Lens Museum Park in 2013, and Phase Shift Park (Gateway park) in Taichung was honoured in 2014 in the Iconic Concept Award category by the German Design Council, Munich. Catherine was named an officer of the Legion of Honor proposed by the President of the Republic Francois Hollande in 2016, and is a graduate of the Landscape Architecture School of Versailles. She also instructs the course Build with Life: Transformation and Formation: Landscape and Islamic Culture at Harvard University’s Graduate School of Design.